Current Affairs Questions & Answers: February 8, 2017 Free pdf Download

 Current Affairs Questions & Answers: February 8, 2017 

Current Affairs Questions & Answers: February 8, 2017 Free pdf Download-Hello friends welcome to current affairs question and answer are given below with explanaition.
1. Which country is host to the first-ever BIMSTEC National Security Chiefs (NSA) meet to discuss counter terror action plan?

[A] India

[B] Nepal

[C] Bhutan

[D] Pakistan

Correct Answer: A Answer Explanation: India will host the first-ever meeting of BIMSTEC National Security Chiefs (NSAs) to discuss action against the spread of terrorism, violent extremism and radicalisation. This was decided at the 17th BIMSTEC Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) which recently concluded at Kathmandu, Nepal. This marked an important step forward to realize the action oriented agenda for BIMSTEC agreed by the leaders at their Retreat hosted by Prime Minister Modi in Goa in October 2016.

2. The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation is observed on which date?

[A] February 5

[B] February 6

[C] February 7

[D] February 8

Correct Answer: B Answer Explanation: The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is observed every year across the world on February 6 to promote the UN’s campaign to raise awareness and educate people about the dangers of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and to stop genital mutilation to girls and women. Basically, this day is an awareness campaign to end a harmful practice that violates girls’ and women’s rights. The 2017 theme is “Building a solid and interactive bridge between Africa and the world to accelerate ending FGM by 2030”.

3. Who has become the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Public broadcaster Prasar Bharti?

[A] Sunil Gogoi

[B] Nirmal Kumar

[C] Rajeev Singh

[D] Suresh Panda

Correct Answer: C Answer Explanation: Rajeev Singh, Member (Finance) in Prasar Bharati Board, has taken charge as acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the public service broadcaster Prasar Bharti. He succeeded Suresh Panda, who retires on February 4, 2017. Panda has been serving as interim CEO since November 2016, after full time chief Jawhar Sircar resigned in October 2016. Prasar Bharati looks after the functioning of Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR).

4. Which Indian-origin British sculptor has won the 2017 Genesis Prize?

[A] Ram Sutar

[B] Srihari Bholekar

[C] Dhruva Mistry

[D] Anish Kapoor

Correct Answer: D Answer Explanation: Anish Kapoor, the well-known Indian-origin British sculptor, has won the prestigious $1 million Genesis Prize 2017 by Israel for his commitment to Jewish values. Kapoor’s work include ‘Turning the World Upside Down’ at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, ‘Cloud Gate’ in Chicago’s Millennium Park and the ‘Orbit’ in London. The Genesis Prize is also regarded as Jewish Nobel Prize and is given annually to those who have attained excellence and international renown in their chosen professional fields, and who inspire others through their engagement and dedication to the Jewish community and/or the State of Israel.

5. Which committee has been constituted by the Haryana Government to resolve the problem of those agitating for reservation and other issues of the state?

[A] D S Dhesi committee

[B] P K Lahoti committee

[C] H S Juneja committee

[D] M P Kaur committee

Correct Answer: A Answer Explanation: The Haryana government has recently constituted a 5-member to resolve the problems of those agitating for reservation and other issues in the state. The committee will be headed by Chief Secretary D S Dhesi. As stated by the government, any organization, section of the society or an individual could submit their viewpoint and suggestions to the committee in writing or orally. The committee will try its best to resolve their issues under the ambit of the Constitution and different decisions and directions given by the Punjab and Haryana High Court in this regard.

6. Who is the author of the book “Band, Bajaa, Boys!”?

[A] Brajesh Sahu

[B] Rachna Singh

[C] Vivek Gautam

[D] Sravasti Datta

Correct Answer: B Answer Explanation: The book “Band, Bajaa, Boys!” has been authored by Rachna Singh, an HR and marketing consultant. This book explores the many hilarious shades of small town life, with an underlying theme of rejection.

7. What is the current repo rate as per latest 6th bi-monthly monetary policy for the FY 2016-17?

[A] 6.75%

[B] 6.55%

[C] 7.0%

[D] 6.25%

Correct Answer: D Answer Explanation: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has kept the repo rate under the Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) unchanged at 6.25% in its 6th bi-monthly and last monetary policy for the financial year 2016-17. Consequently, the reverse repo rate under the LAF remains unchanged at 5.75% and the marginal standing facility (MSF) rate and the Bank Rate at 6.75%. The rates has been decided by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the RBI, which is headed by RBI Governor Urjit Patel.

8. Which Indian diplomat has been appointed as the member of the United Nations (UN)’ Joint Inspection Unit (JIU)?

[A] Gopalaswami Parthasarathy

[B] Ajai Malhotra

[C] Subrahmanyam Jaishankar

[D] Achamkulangare Gopinathan

Correct Answer: D Answer Explanation: Achamkulangare Gopinathan, a top Indian diplomat, has been re-appointed by the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) for a 5-year term beginning from January 1, 2018. Beside him, Sukai Prom-Jackson of Gambia, Jean Wesley Cazeau of Haiti and Nikolay Lozinskiy of Russia are also appointed members of the JIU. The Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) is the only independent external oversight body of the United Nations (UN) system mandated to conduct evaluations, inspections and investigations system-wide. Gopinathan’s re-appointment follows his nomination by India and endorsement as the sole candidate of the Asia-Pacific Group.

9. Pathani Patnaik, who passed away recently, was the renowned litterateur from which state?

[A] Assam

[B] Odisha

[C] Gujarat

[D] Maharashtra

Correct Answer: B Answer Explanation: Pathani Patnaik (89), the renowned litterateur, poet, writer and academician, has recently passed away in Cuttack, Odisha. He was the former principal of Christ College and also served as President of Odisha Sahitya Akademi. He had written over 50 books on different aspects of literature, including short stories and poems and also received the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi Award in 2010 for his autobiography “Jeebanara Chalapatha”.

10. Which country to host the 4th Rollball World Cup-2017?

[A] India

[B] Kenya

[C] Bangladesh

[D] Nepal

Correct Answer: C Answer Explanation: The 4th Rollball World Cup will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from February 17 to 23, 2017. Approx 700 competitors from 45 countries are expected to participate in the tournament. It is the largest-ever event in any field where such a huge number of countries will be participating in any Asian Country. The International Rollball Federation (IRBF) is a body which is associated with International Rollball. This game was created by Raju Dabhade of Pune City, India and is also the Secretary of the IRBF. Rollball is a game played between two teams of 12 players. Out of 12, only 6 players are allowed to play on court at a time. This game is played on skates.Current Affairs Questions & Answers: February 8, 2017

 Daily Current Affairs, 08 February 2017 
Russia banned from London World Athletics Championships
  • Russia has been barred from international competition since November 2015 following a damaging report alleging that state-sponsored doping was rife in the country.
  • The ban had already been extended in March and then June 2016, preventing Russia’s athletes from competing at the Rio Olympics.
  • Russian athletes will be allowed to compete under a neutral flag in the world championships provided they can prove to the IAAF that they have been tested regularly outside Russia. Thirty-five athletes have already applied to the governing body of international athletics for approval.
China Becomes World’s Largest Solar Energy Producer
  • China has become the world’s largest producer of solar energy, according to a new report from the country’s energy administration. The most populous nation on Earth nearly doubled their capacity for solar power in 2016, but they still have a very low per-capita rate for solar power use.
  • China’s National Energy Administration announced over the weekend that their photovoltaic (PV) capacity reached an impressive 77.42 gigawatts. Germany, the former global solar-power leader, produced 40.78 gigawatts in November 2016.
  • China is not the only nation embracing renewable power. India announced on Monday that their PV capacity had reached 9 gigawatts, and they hope to replicate China’s meteoric rise in alternative energy through the use of tariffs and subsidies. Saudi Arabia, in response to slumping oil prices, announced in January 2017 a $30-50 billion investment in solar and wind power.
1st stable compound of chemically inactive helium confirmed
  • Helium, considered to be a chemically inert and unreactive gas due to its extremely stable and closed-shell electronic configuration, has been confirmed to form a stable compound (Na2He) with sodium under high pressure.
  • These findings were so unexpected that it took more than two years to convince science reviewers and editors to publish their results, said the lead researcher.

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