Ncert Science 9th Class Notes pdf Download For UPSC,SSC,NDA,CDS

 Ncert Science 9th Class Notes pdf Download For UPSC,SSC,NDA,CDS 

Ncert Science 9th Class Notes pdf Download For UPSC,SSC,NDA,CDS-Hello friends welcome to here we are going to share ncert science notes for class 9th.You can download the notes in the form of pdf by clicking on the download button given in the page. NCERT SCIENCE Class 9th

9TH 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12  1, 2, 3 & 4  5, 6, 7 & 13


  1. Everything in this universe is made up of material which scientists have named “matter” which occupy space and have mass.
  2. Early Indian philosophers classified matter in the form of five basic elements – the “Panch Tatva”– air, earth, fire, sky and water.
  3. Modern day scientists have evolved two types of classification of matter based on their physical properties and chemical nature.
  4.  The particles of matter are very small – they are small beyond our imagination.
  5.  Particles of matter have space between them.
  6.  Particles of Matter are Continuously Moving.
  7.  With increase in temperature the kinetic energy of the particles also increases. NCERT SCIENCE Class 9th
  8.  Particles of matter intermix on their own with each other by getting into the spaces between the particles.
  9.  Intermixing of particles of two different types of matter on their own is called diffusion.
  10.  On heating, diffusion becomes faster.
  11.  Matter around us exists in three different states– solid, liquid and gas.
  12.  These states of matter arise due to the variation in the characteristics of the particles of matter.
 The Solid State- 
  • have a tendency to maintain their shape when subjected to outside force.
  • break under force but it is difficult to change their shape, so they are rigid.
 The Liquid State- 
  1. liquids have no fixed shape but have a fixed volume.
  2. take up the shape of the container in which they are kept.
  3.  flow and change shape, so they are not rigid but can be called fluid.
  4.  solids, liquids and gases can diffuse into liquids.
  5.  The rate of diffusion of liquids is higher than that of solids.
  6.  This is due to the fact that in the liquid state, particles move freely and have greater space between each other as compared to particles in the solid state.
 The Gaseous State- 
  1. highly compressible as compared to solids and liquids.
  2. Due to high speed of particles and large space between them, gases show the property of diffusing very fast into other gases.
  3.  On increasing the temperature of solids, the kinetic energy of the particles increases.
  4.  Due to the increase in kinetic energy, the particles start vibrating with greater speed.
  5.  The energy supplied by heat overcomes the forces of attraction between the particles. NCERT SCIENCE Class 9th
  6.  The particles leave their fixed positions and start moving more freely.
  7.  A stage is reached when the solid melts and is converted to a liquid.
  8.  The temperature at which a solid melts to become a liquid at the atmospheric pressure is called its melting point.
  9.  The melting point of a solid is an indication of the strength of the force of attraction between its particles.
  10.  The process of melting, that is, change of solid state into liquid state is also known as fusion.When a solid melts, its temperature remains the same.
  11.  The amount of heat energy that is required to change 1 kg of a solid into liquid at atmospheric pressure at its
  12. melting point is known as the latent (HIDDEN) heat of fusion.
  13. The temperature at which a liquid starts boiling at the atmospheric pressure is known as its boiling point.
  14. Boiling is a bulk phenomenon.
  15.  A change of state directly from solid to gas without changing into liquid state (or vice versa) is called sublimation.
  16.  solid carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is stored under high pressure.
  17.  Solid CO2 gets converted directly to gaseous state on decrease of pressure to 1 atmosphere without coming
  18. into liquid state. This is the reason that solid carbon dioxide is also known as dry ice.
  19.  Pressure and temperature determine the state of a substance, whether it will be solid, liquid or gas.
  20.  Change of a liquid into vapours at any temperature below its boiling point is called evaporation.
  21.  the rate of evaporation increases with an increase of surface area: evaporation is a surface phenomenon, an increase of temperature:,
  22.  a decrease in humidity:, an increase in wind speed: Evaporation causes cooling. NCERT SCIENCE Class 9th

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SSC CGL 2017 Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download-Revised Salary

SSC CGL 2017 Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download-revised Salary

SSC CGL 2017  Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download-Revised Salary-Hello friends welcome to CGL Salary or The SSC CGL Posts Salary is Best Trending Topic among All SSC Aspirants. Because Salary of SSC CGL is First Thing of Attraction towards SSC Combined Graduate Level Jobs. In India Staff Selection Commission is One of the Biggest Central Government Organization. SSC CGL Posts and Salary are Best Choices for today’s Youth Generation.

SSC CGL 2017 Revised Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download.The salary of any state government or central government employee depends on his/her rank, years of service, department, grade pay, city of residence etc.

There are broadly two categories of Grade pay in SSC CGL based on which the salary structure is as follows:

Grade Pay: 4600 Salary approx: 52000 (It is variable in 2k-3k based on which city you will be posted.)

Grade Pay: 4200 Salary approx: 45000 (It is variable in 2k-3k based on which city you will be posted.)

Note: After 7th pay commission there will be a hike in salary structure for SSC posts. The Pay commission comes after every 10 years.

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Salary of SSC For The “SSC Group B” and “SSC Group C” Jobs are listed below. These SSC Salary Structure are Described according to the New 7th Pay Commission.Below is the Detail of All About Staff Selection Commission Salary.As we all know that the Salary is the Main Thing for the Candidates who wants to get a Job.

  • Which is better, being an SSC CGL officer or a UP PCS officer?

  • What are the various officer-level posts under SSC CGL with a decent work-life balance?

  • What would be the salaries of different CGL posts after the 7th pay commision?

  • What is the salary of assistant audit officer in ssc cgl?

  • What is the job profile and salary of a divisional accountant under the CAG (SSC CGL)?

  • What should be the rank in SSC CGL for the highest salary jobs?

  • What are the different posts in SSC Cgl and respective Gross Salaries?

  • How 7th pay commission will affect ssc cgl salary?

  • What is the expected salary through ssc cgl and the lifestyle?

  • What is the expected salary in income tax department after clearing ssc cgl?

  • What will be the exact schedule of SSC CGL tier 2 exam 2016?

  • SSC CGL vs UHBVNL AE. Which one is better in terms of salary and reputation?

  • How can I become an income tax officer through ssc cgl?

  • Can I get job as ifs officer through SSC cgl exam?

  • Can I get my home state posting in an assistant audit officer under the SSC CGL?

SSC CGL 2017 Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download-revised Salary

Effects of Increment in SSC Salary after 7th Pay commission –
  1. There will be a Great benefit for the Employees who are working in SSC Department.
  2. The SSC Salary will Play a major role in Attraction for the Students who are willing to prepare for the SSC Examination.
  3. The X cities Employees will get a good amount of in hand salary just because of 7th pay commission in SSC Salary.
  4. Government Jobs like SSC and UPSC will be a Goal After Graduation for All Students of India.
  5. There will be a Major Hike in SSC Salary after 8th Pay commission.

SSC CGL 2017 Salary  With All SSC CGL Posts / Jobs Salary 

Effects of Increment in SSC Salary after 7th Pay commission –

  • There will be a Great benefit for the Employees who are working in SSC Department.
  • The SSC Salary will Play a major role in Attraction for the Students who are willing to prepare for the SSC Examination.
  • The X cities Employees will get a good amount of in hand salary just because of 7th pay commission in SSC Salary.
  • Government Jobs like SSC and UPSC will be a Goal After Graduation for All Students of India.
  • There will be a Major Hike in SSC Salary after 8th Pay commission.

The Salary of SSC Jobs basically Depends on The Cities of SSC Employees. As There are Three Categories of City present in The salary Chart of The SSC Salary, Which are

  • X Cities
  • Y Cities
  • Z Cities

SSC CGL Salary of CGL Posts 1,00,000 Rs CGL Jobs Salary Chart.SSC CGL 2017 Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download

If SSC Employee belongs to any of these cities then there will be a different salary for them. Even if the Grade pay is Same.There is condition of Increment which means the percentage of hike depends on the City of the SSC Employee.

  • The SSC Employee Who are in X Group of Cities Will Get a Hike of 24% on Basic Salary.
  • If The Employee belongs to Y City then Hike will be 16% on Basic Salary.
  • And The Employees Who are in Z Category of Cities Having The Hike of 8% on Basic Salary

SSC CGL 2017 Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download-revised Salary

S.No Ministries/Department/ Oces/
Grade Pay Salary In Hand
1. Inspector Examiner (CBEC) 4600 52,000
2. Inspector Preventive (CBEC) 4600 51,000
3.  Inspector (Excise Dept.) 4600 51,911
4. Inspector in Income Tax 4600 51,122
5. Sub Inspector (CBI) 4200 42,000
6. Inspector of Any Post (Department) 4200 42,211
7. Inspector (Narcotics Dept.) 4200 41,140
8. Sub Inspector (NIA) Investigation 4200 41,999
9. Assistant in External Affairs (Ministry) 4600 52,333
10. Assistant in Railway (Ministry) 4600 53,444
11. Assistant in IB (Investigation) 4600 52,411
12. Assistant in (Secretarial Services) 4600 51,121
13.  Division Accountant (CAG) 4200 42,456
14. CGDA Auditor 2800 35,250
15. C and GA Auditor 2800 35,002
16. CGA Auditor 2 2800 36,400
17. Junior Accountant CGA 2800 35,111
18. CBDT Tax Assistant 2400 31,000
19. UDC (Central Dept.) 2400 31,400
20. CBEC Tax Assistant 2400 32,444
21.  Sub Inspector in (Narcotics) 2400 31,101
SSC CGL Salary Allowances Grade Pay, HRA, TA, DA

GP (Grade Pay )  HRA (House Rent Allowance) TA (Traveling Allowance)
4600 44,900 (24%, 16%, 8%) 3600 (X City), 1800 (Y, Z City)
4200 35,400 (24%, 16%, 8%) 3600 (X City), 1800 (Y, Z City)
2800 29,200 (24%, 16%, 8%) 3600 (X City), 1800 (Y, Z City)
2400 25,500 (24%, 16%, 8%) 3600 (X City), 1800 (Y, Z City)

SSC CGL Salary Deductions GPF, CGEGIS, CGHS 

  1. GPF :- (General Provident Fund)
  2. CGEGIS :- (Central Government Employees General Insurance Scheme)
  3. CGHS :- (Central Government Health Scheme)
4600 4490 2500 325
4200 3540 2500 225
 2800 2920 1500 125
 2400 2250 1500 125

This SSC Salary Deduction Chart is so Helpful for The Candidates. Because of this chart SSC Salary Deduction can be easily understand by the Candidates.SSC CGL 2017 Salary For All Posts Free PDF Download

Major Deduction in SSC Salary of All SSC Jobs :-

  • GPF (NPS) : General Provident Fund – New Pension Scheme
  • CGEGIS : Central Government Employees General Insurance Scheme
  • CGHS : Central Government Health Scheme

All Three deductions in SSC Salary are so beneficial for the SSC Employees. SSC Salary Deductions are provided by Central Government for the Employee and their Families. These deductions in SSC Salary are of Three Type GPF (NPS), CGEGIS, CGHS.

SSC CGL 2017 Study plan-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL pdf Download–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

SSC CGL 2017 STUDY PLAN PDF DOWNLOAD-TIER 1 AND TIER 2 SSC CGL–Hello friends welcome to CGL is one of the most sought after exam in India and is immensely famous among-st the aspirants across the nation. This makes it tougher than other competitive exams as the competition is fierce and minimum criteria of graduation makes it a mix of students from every stream to fight for their dream job.

All of you must be aware about that every year Staff selection commission of India conducts Ssc cgl exam for various B grade as well as C  grade level posts  and you also know that lakhs of candidates apply for these posts, but very few numbers of lucky candidates get selected.There are many positions to be filled up through this exam such as Tax assistants,Auditors, Tax inspector, Assistant Sector officers etc..So we can expect 8000 – 10000 posts in SSC CGL 2017 too.

It is estimated that atleast 20 lakh candidates may have applied for these exams.To emerge successful among these people, you will need to have a good SSC CGL study plan.SSC CGL Exam 2017 is approaching and it is the right time to fasten your seat belts. This is a very crucial time for every candidate who are going to appear this Exam. We are sure you would be looking for useful advice for your preparation.

Know all about the Syllabus & Pattern

Syllabus Before you start making any strategy for the exam, it is a must that you are well aware about syllabus and pattern of the exam. It will give you a wise perception of the paper that you are appearing for and to decide study plan for the exam.

Because only after knowing the entire syllabus, you will look for SSC CGL book or study material for SSC CGL.

Here, we are discussing the SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. So let’s have a look on the Syllabus and Pattern of Tier 1.

The SSC CGL 2017 Syllabus mainly include SSC CGL GK, SSC CGL English, SSC CGL Maths and General Knowledge for SSC CGL

Points to be kept in mind:

  1. The CGL Tier 1 exam will be an online test.
  2. There will be negative marking of 0.50 marks for every wrong answer attempted by you.
  3. The cutoff for the exam is overall and not section wise.

Analyze and make study plan
Make study plan After getting all the details about the Exam, you should analyze the topics in which you are strong or weak. The topics in which you are weak, needs more attention and time for preparation.

Section  Time to be spend daily
Quantitative Ability                        4 hours
Reasoning Ability                           2 hours
English Language                          2 hours
General Awareness  2 hours
Total Time  10 hours

How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2017 -SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

SSC CGL 2017 TIER I PATTERN & SYLLABUS -SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

Sections Questions Total Marks Time
General Intelligence & Reasoning 25 50  –
General Awareness 25 50  –
Quantitative Aptitude 25 50  –
English Comprehension 25 50  –
Total 100 200 75min.
So There are 100 questions consisting of 200 Marks.SSC CGL Study plan

  1. Time Duration is 75 minutes (1:15 hours) for 100 questions.
  2. There will be negative marking of 0.50 marks for each wrong answer in Tier-I Exam.


Papers Subjects Questions Marks Total Time
1. English Language & Comprehension 200 200  
2. Quantitative Abilities 100 200  
3. Statistics 100 200  
4. General Studies(Finance and Economics) 100=(60+40) 200  
Total   500 800 120min.
  1. Time Duration is 120 minutes (2 Hour) for Each of the Papers.
  2. There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks in Paper-II and 0.50 marks in Paper-I and Paper-III for each wrong answer.

NOTE:– Paper-I & II are compulsory for all the categories of posts. Paper-III is only for those candidates who apply for the post of Statistical Investigator Gr.II & Compiler & Paper IV is only for Assistant Audit Officer..

Paper-IV will be for those candidates who have applied for the post of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) in C&AG. The said paper would comprise two parts i.e., Finance and Accounts for which there would be 40 questions carrying 80 marks and Economics and Governance which would have 60 questions carrying 120 marks. In all there would be 100 questions carrying 200 Marks with each question carrying two marks

Will there will Interview for SSC CGL 2016 Exam ?Ssc cgl 2017 best study time table

The No Interview for Govt Jobs will come into effect from 1st January 2016 and the Notification for CGL 2016 is expected and most probably after 1st Jan, 2016
That means, there will be no interview for CGL 2016 exam as this Exam includes Group B and Group C posts. Abolishment of Interviews in SSC CGL 2016 is a good news for those, who had missed the Jobs by small margin or fewer marks.
Now Main focus Area is Clearing Both the Stages of SSC CGL 2016 Exam. Some may be in doubt about interview abolition . So Guys you do not need to worried about Whether Interview is Abolished or not for SSC cgl 2016 . This Doubt Will be clear on 13 February 2016 . SSC Will Release Notification on 13 February 2016 .

SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

subject Tier – 1 Marks Tier -1 Weightage Tier 2 Marks Total Weightage T1+ T2
Arithmetic 50 25 % 200 41.7 Percent
English 50 25 % 200  
Reasoning 50 25 % 0 8.3 Percent
General Awareness 50 25 % 0 8.3 Percent
Total 200 Marks 100 Percent 400 Marks 100 Percent
  1. There is a Negative Marking for attempting wrong Answer – 0.25 per Question
  2. Till now in ssc cgl there is no sectional cut- off but You should be ready, at any time ssc can implement sectional cut-off

Important Topics in Each Subject

  1. Quantitative Aptitude: Triangle and it’s properties (Trigonometry), Surds and Indices,
  2. Quadratic Equations & Quadratic Polynomials, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion.
  3. Reasoning: Word Formation & Word Classification, Letter Repeating Series, Embedded
    Figures, Logical Games, Non­ Verbal Series.
  4. English: Reading Comprehension, Active­ Passive Voice, Preposition & it’s usage,
    Tenses, Common Confusables.
  5. General Awareness: Indian Constitution, Medieval Indian History,Indian Physical
    Geography, Indian Political System, National Income.

Part -1- How to Prepare General Intelligence & Reasoning for SSC CGL 2017

This is an area where every candidate can score more than 40 Marks . General Intelligence and reasoning is a highly scoring area in the ssc cgl exam . Every candidate with a simple practice can score high in this area . General Intelligence and reasoning can be classified in two parts –

Verbal Reasoning And second Part is Non – verbal Reasoning . with simple practice you can learn all basic concepts related to Verbal And Non- Verbal Reasoning . some of the Questions are same every year like Mirror Image, Water Image , Matrix, etc.

By Solving previous years papers you can easily understand what types of Questions are ssc asking in Exam .Dear Students one more point like ibps in ssc cgl reasoning level is not very high. In ssc cgl You will not find any twisted Question .so without any fear practice as much as you can. once you understand all the basic concepts of reasoning it will be easy to walk in Exam .Reasoning section is only in Tier -1.

Now come to main point how to prepare and Which books you Should study –There are so many Books which We you can use for preparation like R.S. Agarwal, Kiran Parkasan , Previous Years papers are Enough for you for reasoning

The most important questions from this section are on the topics such as -SSC CGL Study plan
  • Seating Arrangements,
  • Syllogism,
  • Coding-Decoding,
  • Statement and Conclusions,
  • Directions,
  • Blood Relations,
  • Analogy,
  • Classification,
  • Series problems,
  • Ranking,
  • Data sufficiency,
  • Assumptions and Directions.

Books For Reasoning -SSC CGL 2016 Study plan PDF

  1. A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (English)
  2. SSC Reasoning Chapter Wise Solved Papers 6200+Objective Question —English
  3. SSC Reasoning Chapterwise Solved Papers 1999 Se Ab Tak (5100 + Objective Questions) – Hindi

Part–2 How to prepare English Language And Comprehension for SSC CGL 2017

  • Another important part in ssc cgl is English Language And comprehension .
  • This is one of the most important part in this exam after Maths .Because English play an important role in Both Tier 1 And Tier -2 -In tier 1 -its weightage is 50 Marks out of 100 and In Tier -2- 200 Marks out of 400 Marks .
  • Total weightage is 250 out of 600 Marks .
  • I hope you understand that how much important is this part . one more thing about this part is ,this is one of the high scoring area in ssc cgl .

Main area from which questions Are asked

  • English comprehension
  • Cloze -Test
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • One Word substitution
  • Idioms And Phrases
  • Error finding
  • sentence Improvements

Books for English Language and comprehension

  1. English for General Competitions from Plinth to Paramount (Volume – 1
  2. Arithmetic Volume-02 (English)
  3. Objective General English (English) – SP Bakshi
  4. Word Power Made Easy New Revised & Expanded Edition (English) 1st Edition Note -This is one of the Best book For Improving Vocabulary .
  5. SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier 2 & CAPF Exam – English Language & Comprehension Objective Type – Including Previous Years Solved Papers And Model Practice Sets
  6. Paramount Test Series SSC CGL Mains (English Language & Comprehension) 1 – 20 Mock Tests (English) 1 Edition
  7. SSC English Language Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997-Till Date – kiran

Part-3- How to prepare for ssc cgl general awareness 2017 –SSC CGL Study plan PDF

  • This is a very difficult part for all candidates because in this part there is no Guarantee how much you are going to score .In this part you can not predict from which area they are going to ask questions .
  • In this area ssc mostly ask Questions from History , Geography,science ,Environment ,National and International current affairs etc.
  • If i speak frankly there is no book which can give guarantee about good score in this area .General awareness is a vast area .
  • But one thing help you that is science . Science is favorite area for ssc . out of 50 questions almost 20 questions comes from science .
  • so, to score good marks in General awareness you should thoroughly learn science .
  • Every year they ask 5 to 6 questions from Economics also.

Books –SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF -Ssc cgl 2017 best study time table-SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

Section Books


1- Ncert- Micro Economics
2- Macro Economics
3- The Hindu current economics

General Science

1- General Science Ncert 8th
3-10th class
4-lucent -General Science


1-Ncert class 11th
2- Ncert 12th class


1 – Lucent
2- Spectrum Modern history
3- Ncert Class 11th And Class 12 – History

Indian Polity

1- Lucent

current Affairs

1-One English Newspaper – The hindu or Indian Express
2- Partiyogita Darpan is Good Magazine for this Type Of Exam

Part- 4- How to Prepare for Quantitative Section for SSC CGL 2017

SSC CGL Study plan – How to prepare Quant Section .SSC CGL Study plan

  • This is most important area or you can say this is deciding area for you.This area decide your job chances .
  • Mathematics play an important role whether you will get job or not . Because out of 600 marks 250 marks comes from this area .
  • you will face Quantitative abilities in both stage .So if you want to succeed in this exam try to solve as much as questions from this area by understanding basic concepts. one more point, never try to use short tricks in early stage because it will not help you in Exam .
  • First step should be try to understand concept of questions and try to solve Questions.once you become master in all chapters and have a basic understanding about all basics and concepts now you can start using short tricks .

Now come to books-There are so many books in market .you can use any one -SSC CGL 2016 Study plan PDF

Books -SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Author or Publication House
Quantitative Aptitude R.s. Agarwal,
Fast track Objective Arithmetic – Rajesh Varma
Magical book on Quicker maths


M- Tyra
Advance Mathematics Advanced Mathematics-
1- R.d. sharma class 9th
2- R.D.Sharma- class 10th.There are so many books about Advanced Mathematics in market – many of them have copy pasted material from Ncert books .
I am recommending you R.D. Sharma because these books will help you in learning Basics to high Level .
Advance maths for General Competitions (English) Paramount Coaching
SSC Mathematics Chapterwise Solved Papers 1999 – Till Date (5500 + Objective Questions)


Kiran Prakashan

Important Note-SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF -SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

After reading above parts now you can understand that English and Mathematics are most important parts . Out of 600 Marks 500 Marks questions comes from these area. so try to solve as much as questions from these areas.

Focus on: SSC CGL Study plan
  • Numerical Ability,
  • Probability,
  • Profit-Loss,
  • Interest,
  • Partnerships,
  • Averages,
  • Time and Distances,
  • Speed and Distances,
  • Algebra and Trigonometry Basic algebraic
  • identities of School Algebra & Elementary surds
  • Graphs of Linear Equations
  • Triangle and its various kinds of centres,
  • Congruence and similarity of triangles
  • Circle and its chords, tangents, angles subtended by chords of a circle, common tangents to two or more circles
  • Triangle
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Regular Polygons
  • Circle
  • Right Prism
  • Right Circular Cone
  • Right Circular Cylinder
  • Sphere
  • Hemispheres
  • Rectangular Parallelepiped, Regular Right
  • Pyramid with triangular or square base
  • Trigonometric ratio
  • Degree and Radian Measures
  • Standard Identities
  • Complementary angles
  • Heights and Distances
  • Histogram
  • Frequency polygon
  • Bar diagram & Pie chart

SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL[/su_table]

Best time Table for prepare ssc cgl 2017 Study plan PDF -SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

How to start my preparation for SSC CGL 2017- Best Techniques -SSC CGL Study plan

  1. This is most common question asked by every one -How to start my preparation?.To Know How to Prepare for SSC CGL 2016 Know Your Syllabus .
  2. To start preparation first of do one thing that is prepare a Strengths and Weaknesses chart. what are your strengths and weaknesses. After that make a list of all topics which you want to prepare .
  3. Before going ahead one thing i want to tell you that if you are new in this area then you should be confident and should have fighting spirit because future is uncertain.
  4. you may experience some ups and downs while preparing for exams.
  5. If you are new then give 5 to 7 Days in Memorizing important terms and formulas or if you are already preparing for any exam then you can pick any topic and start preparing .
  6. your study should be target study. set a target for that day what do you want to solve that day and complete that topic on particular day.
  7. Never left for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes.

How to make my Time table and How many Hours I should study?SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF

  • Answer of this Question is totally simple – It Depend on person to person How many hours he or she Study.
  • If you Are extraordinary then 4to 5 hours are enough.
  • If you are not Extraordinary then you have devote 7 to 9 Hours per day at least for starting 2- 3 months .
  • After that you will be at good level in knowledge.
  • Now come to another important point that is how to make my time table ?

First of all take 5 A4 size page and write down all topics mentioned in ssc syllabus .SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF -SSC CGL Study plan


  • On page one write down all topics related to general knowledge
  • On second paper related to English
  • On Third paper- Quantitative Abilities
  • On Fourth Page – Reasoning.
  • On fifth page write down how many hours you want to study per day .

For example –

  • 2 Hours- English
  • 2 Hours – Gk
  • 2 Hours Reasoning
  • 3 Hours – Mathematics.

After every 2 hour try to take a 15 minute break .This is 9 hours schedule .

If you are thinking that 9 hours are a long schedule then you are making a mistake because many students studying day and nights .

If you want to beat competition and want to become winner then work hard as much as you can.

Important note –SSC CGL Study plan PDF -SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

Never think preparing for exam is a load on you. if you are having this type of mentality then cracking any exam is going to be difficult for you . just enjoy like a happy journey . Never take pressure .SSC CGL Study plan

  1. Revision is most important part for cracking any Exam. Never think that you have solved each topic 2 or 3 times now you are master on these topics .Try to solve as many questions.If you are doing revision regularly then you can easily find out where you stand in preparation.
  2. Try to solve Mock test on regular basis.
  3. Buy any Book which has Mock test and solve them.
  4. One more thing never try to guess questions because it will not always work. Many student try to solve all questions which is a suicide never try to solve all Questions because now days all Exam has negative marking .
  5. Always attempt only those Questions about which you are sure.
  6. Daily solve one Mock test within 110 Minute.
  7. If you can buy then buy omr sheet from market and practice on it.
  8. your first target should be math and English.
  9. Try to do Meditation, Prayer, . It will not only relax you but also will give you positive energy .
  10. Never try to argue with anyone .when you argue with some one it not only destroy your positive energy but also make you Aggressive.
  11. Always try to remain calm .
  12. Always eat healthy food and do not eat fast food .
  13. GO for walk or exercise daily.
  14. One more last thing ——- never under estimate yourself .If you want to achieve something than work hard. Do not listen others what they say.SSC CGL Study plan

Time management for attempting all sections of paper –SSC CGL Study plan PDF -SSC CGL 2017 Study plan PDF Download-Tier 1 And Tier 2 SSC CGL–How To Prepare For SSC CGL

  1. This is a important part for every candidates who is appearing for ssc cgl .
  2. Always make a table for attempting sections, which section you want to attempt first -second – third- Fourth.
  3. Always take 15 Minutes for General Knowledge
  4. 20 Minutes for English
  5. 35 Minutes for Reasoning ,Remaining time for Mathematics-
  6. Always keep 8-20 minutes time for filling Omr sheet Boxes.